Reviews of ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration & Testing Laboratories – Transition to 2017, Introduction and Lead/Internal Auditing Courses


On-line Modular Classes

Introduction to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

‘Really enjoyed the delivery and content of the course. It was far better than similar courses I have attended which were provided by well-known organisations.’   The tutor knowledge of subject matter and communication was ‘Excellent’.  ‘The visual of the standard was very useful and I liked that the tutor was able to draw on the slides.  I would attend other relevant courses from Qualimetric in future.’  Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd

Courses Presented On-line

ISO/IEC 17020:2017 Internal Auditor Training in Forensic Applications : – ‘Had to be done via video call which probably changed the course slightly but Tim was great in showing all the slides etc and the quality of slides and supporting documents was great’; ‘For someone who knew nothing I now feel like I know a lot!  Learned loads over the two day course’; ‘Really made a boring subject enjoyable’; ‘Tim was very knowledgeable and was able to make the course content as relevant as he could to our individual roles’; ‘Workbooks were easy to understand and navigate around – especially during the exercises where you had to interrogate non conformance documentation/quality manual’.  South Wales Police

‘Case studies put the theory into context and group work allowed some very informative discussion’, ‘Good level of interaction to keep attendees engaged’, ‘Referring back to the relevant clauses throughout the course was a good way to improve my knowledge of the standard.  I thought the course went well using Zoom.  Tim was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job in delivering the course’.  Northern Ireland Water

The tutor was “very knowledgeable, examples relevant & adapted for us in Forensics & 17020 vs 17025.”, “really enthusiastic & kept my attention thank you”, “very knowledgeable and informative”, “Tutor was very amenable to adjust training to the needs of the group and happy to supply additional material that would be useful to the groups needs.”, “good pace – enjoyed course – thank you”, “helpful tutor with ample knowledge about the topics delivered”, “Interactive – made things easy to understand”, “very enthusiastic, informative, and knowledgeable”. Greater Manchester Police

Face-to-face Presented Courses

The tutor was  “Very knowledgeable with good delivery. Makes the course very interesting and engaging.” Identigen

The tutor “kept the course interesting and was engaging.  Excellent knowledge of material and could provide personal experiences.” Andrew Muirhead

“Auditing knowledge excellent! Made what I thought may be a potentially ‘boring’ couple of days into an enthusiastic & thoroughly enjoyable course. I feel like I know and would be confident using this info in the workplace. Lots of examples used to make real situations.”  “Tim’s delivery of the course is polished and clear. He comes across as very professional, well organised and encourages clients to ask questions.” University of Stirling

The tutor was “enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced.”  National Standards Agency Ireland (NSAI)

“Excellent in keeping information relatable and interactive”, “Very enthusiastic and made a dry subject more enjoyable”, “Personable, knowledgeable and witty. Knew the standard so well that he was able to explain it to a varied biological audience. Really good diagrams”, “Very energetic throughout and engaging”, “enthusiastic, helpful & confident in what they were presenting”  APHA


The tutor was ….  “very engaging and made a very dry subject easy and enjoyable to learn,” “enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly,” “informative, knowledgeable and entertaining,” “Pitched it just about right.  Could have been a ‘dry’ course but Tim made it come alive!” Sussex Police

“Tim made it enjoyable and easy to follow.” “Very knowledgeable and very skilled at training.”  “Very knowledgeable.”  “Dynamic & engaging. Made a dry topic very innovative and interesting.”  “Excellent knowledge/experience of area.” NDPH Wolfson Laboratories

“He made a seemingly dry subject very interesting and entertaining. Very intelligent and experienced.” “Very good at explaining the material in a relatable way.” “Knowledgeable, helpful and more than happy to take the time to explain some of the more complex issues.” “Very engaging/very knowledgeable/very interesting & amusing. Excellent!” “Very friendly and willing to tailor the information to the group’s needs.” “An excellent trainer, personable, engaging, knowledgeable and flexible.”   Metropolitan Police, London

Tutor was “approachable & knowledgeable”. “Very knowledgeable in relating auditing to forensics”. “Enthusiastic! and extremely knowledgeable”. Sussex Police

“Very knowledgeable and engaging tutor”. “Tutor has a great style, the course was informative, engaging and fun!” “Tim was very funny and engaging and made the course interesting.” “Brilliant – good analogies assisted learning and helped illustrate points.” “Very engaging.” “Really good 2-day course – Tim is great at delivering training.” “I found Tim Alcock very engaging and knowledgeable.” Tutor had “great experience to pass on and illustrate.” “Brilliant tutor, very knowledgeable.” British Transport Police

Tutor was “Personable, enthusiastic, experienced” British Geological Survey. “Interesting and enthusiastic with lots of annecdotal information” Stainless Restoration. “Enthusiastic, approachable and easy to understand” “Really liked enthusiasm! Communicated things clearly & had examples to back up. Very personable & approachable”Lextox. “Very knowledgeable” Oemachem. “Engaging & interesting with plenty of knowledge. Handled people well” BioCote Ltd.

Tutor was “very interactive & approachable. Explained all topics very well.”  “Affable with the ability to make the course enjoyable, not at all dry/boring.” “Very interesting and informative – practical examples.” “Full of enthusiasm & very engaging. Very keen to ensure understanding of subject.” “Very experienced.” Norbrook Laboratory

Tutor was “Excellent, highly rate.”  “Light-hearted & engaging & understanding.” “Very enthusiastic.” “Excellent communications, very happy to apply experience to VCA specific examples.” “Friendly, approachable, knowledgeable & enthusiastic.” “Very knowledgeable of subject matter backed up by lots of industry experience.” “Good knowledge and presentation style.”  Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)

“Very good understanding of the ISO 17025 changes and also some excellent advice.” “Excellent (training) notes” and course was “very interactive”. “Tutor very enthusiastic (and) knowledgeable”. “Good interactive presentation of data/info to keep people’s attn.” Mason Technical

“Clear & understandable. Suitable space provided to make own notes” (training material). “Very engaging.” “Really good materials. Thank you Tim, great course.” “All of it was interesting” (modules). Tim was “enthusiastic and knowledgeable.” “Much more engaging and interesting than expected.” Tim was “Engaging! interactive & knowledgeable.” British Transport Police


Tim was “communicative, helpful and honest.  Good and experienced trainer.” “The instructor is enthusiastic and open to any questions/comments and discussion.” “Very clear presentation.” “Very proficient and experienced.”  “very interested. Tim is passionate and knows his subject. The course was very lively.”  European Space Agency

“Great overview of transition.  (Tutor was) v.personable & engaging.” City of London Police

“A good overview/Gap analysis.” “Advice on how changes could be implemented.” Anglian Water

“Approachable trainer who is easy to ask questions to” Cobb Europe

“Enthusiasm was infectious!”  “Lots of advice and help.  V. impressed, helpful and informative.”  “Engaging, fun, knowledgeable.” Steris Laboratories

Tim was “very animated, knowledgeable about subject matter.”   “Very thorough.”  “Fully covered changes and what we need to do.” Greater Manchester Police

“The tutor had several suggestions as to how to relate the clauses to our own procedures and how to alter them to meet the new requirements.  This was very helpful.  Tim is always enthusiastic and makes a dry subject interesting.” Invibio

Tim was “enthusiastic, polite, knowledgeable, allowed discussion.” ALS Life Sciences

“Fully explained at fast pace but kept interest up.” Fugro Geo Services Ltd

Tim “kept everyone interested.” Care Analytical Ltd

The Transition to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 course was

“very well structured and easy to follow.” Alere Forensics

“was comprehensively covered in a very clear manner.” G.T. Certification Ltd

“Enthusiastic and approachable.” Invibio

“Engaging and approachable.” “Very enthusiastic which helped with the subjects understanding & enjoyable.” “Very friendly, approachable and fun. Really enjoyed the course. Felt at ease during the course.” South Wales Police

“Very engaging.  Good use of personal stories to highlight key issues.” “Great! Knowledgeable, fair, allowed discussion.” “Experienced, delivered the course with practical examples.” ALS Life Sciences

“Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, made a potentially dry subject very interesting and enjoyable.”  “Engaging.”  “Very knowledgeable on subject.”  “(Tim) was enthusiastic and gave relevant examples and references to real business scenarios.” “Good at making the subject interesting.  Lots of good anecdotes & examples.” Hampshire Constabulary

“Good encouragement for the interaction.” “Very enthusiastic.” “Great introduction to auditing .. (&) Comprehensive material”.  Westmoreland MT&R

“Well spoken and explained information in detail.” Wabtec

“Exceptional Course Tutor – knowledgeable, could relate his experience to elements of the course, engaging and humourous.”  “Very enthusiastic, interesting, knowledgeable.”  “Experienced and well presented.”   “His enthusiasm was fantastic & the examples he used were easy to relate to.”   “Very knowledgedable & enthusiastic.” Bilfinger


“Very enthusiastic and kept a large group entertained and engaged” ….. “Enthusiastic, down to earth, professional, delivered with good sense of humour – very personable.” DVSA

“Good clear views of standard and how to do audit etc.” Optimas

“Informative, engaging, helpful.  Excellent tutor – I would recommend.” Lancashire Constabulary

“Excellent knowledge & provided a full in-depth detailed description” Lancashire Constabulary

“Maintained excellent control of the course both in content and timing.” Slider Recycling

“Presentation was given in a way which made things easy to understand. Materials were more than adequate for the course needs.” Young’s Seafood 

“Interesting, knowledgeable, funny, very good presenter – made possibly an arduous subject exciting” Synthomer plc

“Tutor was knowledgeable and actively involved the whole group .. involved with the discussions.” BCH Constabulary

“The tutor was excellent and very energetic, kept momentum going. One of the best course tutors I’ve ever met.” Innovia Films

“Very animated and enthusiastic without being at all boring.” Holliday Concrete Testing

The tutor was “Engaging, friendly and approachable.” RSK

“The instructor was really great. Excellent knowledge and mastery of material. Excellent tutor, he made the course easy and understandable” SABIC – Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

“Gained excellent understanding of internal audit. Tutor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable” TesTime Ltd.

“Very experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor. I learnt a lot of information on auditing and about the standard as this is a completely new subject to me.” Kellog

“Very informative; it covered all aspects of ISO 17025 and applied it to practical examples. The tutor was motivating, enthusiastic and well oganised” West Yorkshire Joint Services

“Made the subject interesting and relevant” SARIA

“Easy to understand” Sarvall (Hartshill) Ltd.

Reviews of ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Body Management Systems Course

“Good delivery by Tim bringing the content to life. Also, helping the attendees visualise the real world application of the training. Great delivery with the right mix of seriousness and ‘fun’.” “Lots of info covered – good balance between theory & practical.   Great enthusiasm & sense of humour. Kept us going really well – thanks.” “Provided an excellent overview of ISO 17020 with adequate detail to inform future application.  Very engaging and pragmatic approach to the subject.”  Tutor was “Enthusiastic, knowledgeable. The stories and accounts of real situations brought the course content alive. Good pace to the course”.  APHA March 2020

“(The tutor was) very knowledgeable about the subject. Excellent presentation.  Gained greater knowledge and understanding.” Lancashire Constabulary

“Very experienced and confident presenter. Used good examples to put points across. An enjoyable course with lots of information given in a lively, animated manner” BIS Inspection/Shell UK

“A very well delivered course at a good pace, including well devised workshops used to incorporate the training information within the course. Excellent two days. Tutor was very good and engaging with good use of examples and knowledge base; kept the energy up really well” Ensafe Consultants

“Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable on topic/course content”, ….. “Knowledgeable regarding ISO not specifically CSI – very approachable & realistic – and brought knowledge to relate to CSI to make it understandable”, … “Enthusiastic, engaging, helpful”, … “Very engaging”, … “Knowledgeable, detailed, engaging, approachable”  Lancashire Police (in-house course)

Reviews of ISO 15189 Clinical/Medical Laboratory Management Systems COURSE

The tutor was “engaging & very knowledgeable.” Public Health England

“The course was very interactive and the practical workshops relevant to my organisational needs. An excellent tutor who has answered all my questions. I consider myself lucky to have attended this course.” Medical Research Unit, The Gambia

“The course actually exceeded expectations as it also helped with understanding the standard and gave ideas on other areas. The tutor was engaging, clear and thorough and made a fairly dry subject interesting. Excellent!” Institute of Cancer Research

Reviews of Measurement Uncertainty Course


The tutor was “very knowledgable very informative, good at answering questions.” Universal Instrument Services

“Tim was lovely and explained everything clearly using some great examples. He also made a very boring topic sound very interesting and I feel I’ve learned a lot.” Wills Bros Civil Engineering

“This is the second course I’ve been on where Tim was the tutor and again I have found him to be very friendly and incredible knowledgeable & enthusiastic about the course material. Would definitely recommend.” Element Materials Technology

“Extremely knowledgeable and excellent delivery.” Affinity Water

“Very professional, put everyone at ease and made the course lighthearted – good for non mathematical people like me”  next Retail

Reviews of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management refresher COURSE

(the tutor was) “Entertaining which kept attention on what could be a dry subject and gave easy relatable examples”, … “Animated”, … “Lively, participative & kept audience engaged”, … “made the day more pleasurable with comical elements”, … “Entertaining, made what could have been a dull subject interesting. Showed skill & experience”, … “Animated, which made it interesting!”    Uvex Ltd  (in-house course)